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Cherwell Edge Golf Club

Past it? – not on your life!

Welcome to the Seniors section of Cherwell Edge golf club. This section is designed to inform you about all things Golf that Cherwell Edge Seniors may be involved in. It has been put together by Dave Stansfield so if you think that we have missed anything out or that there are any errors then please contact him so that we can improve or correct the site.


To use the site just click on the Main Menu item. We are currently enjoying looking at the Golf Tips video.


Free Offer


Please take advantage of this free offer from our captain. All people arriving  clutching a map of the Golf Course will recieve one of the following.


'The golfers Free Drop Aid kit'

Various quantities of fresh Rabbit droppings in 1 Oz. and 2 Oz. sealed Bags. Also Bags of loose soil - 'Mole Hill' texture. in Cherwell Edge Brown.

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Our News

Keep Monday 2nd October free for captains awayday.

More info to follow.


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